Nestled in the quiet village of Thornhurst, and off the beaten path, The Briar Patch is definitely worth the drive. A hand-carved Old World Santa greets visitors at the door. Once inside, callers are immersed in a comfortable atmosphere, warm with the Christmas spirit. You will find...

  • BP 6Primitive and Christmas Folk Art
  • Wonderful Santas and Snowmen
  • Pottery
  • Ornaments, Ornaments and more Ornaments to sparkle and light up your tree
  • Quilted Throws and Table Runners
  • Winterberry Wreaths
  • Framed Holiday Prints and Bittersweet Garland
  • Fragrant Balsam Pillows
  • Soy Candles and Candle Accessories
  • Cuddly Stuffed Animals
  • The Delectable Section features:
    • Pumpkin, Apple and Monkey Bread Mixes
    • Fruit Butters and Jams
    • Great Dip Mixes
    • Creamy Cocoa

Remember, it's never too early to shop for Christmas. Come and join us for a wonderful holiday season. If you don't have the Christmas spirit when you arrive, you will definitely have it when you leave.

Happy Holidays!!!

BP 14

BP 8


I like days
with a snow-white collar,
and nights when the moon is a silver dollar,
and hills are filled
with cider down stuffing
and your breath makes smoke
like an engine puffing.
I like days
when feathers are snowing
and all the eaves
have petticoats showing
and the air is cold,
and the wires are humming,
but you feel all warm…
with Christmas coming!
- Aileen Fischer